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Canadian Allied Professionals Union

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Creditable Integrity

Value talent cultivation and encourage
creative innovation

Effective Team Work

Pursue organizational solidity and press
on effective team-work

Quality Assurance

Pursue organizational solidity and press
on effective team-work

Our Services

Agricultural Engineering

Agricultural engineering professionals who develop and design new procedures, tools and systems for agricultural products and environments.

Chemical Research Engineering

Chemical Research expertise in producing and manipulating chemicals to energy, electronics, medicine and materials with new properties.

Material Science and Engineering

Materials Engineering should include scientific and engineering factor which that affect microstructure strength relationships of materials.

Manufacturing Professionals

CAPU understands the changing nature of the manufacturing sector. That’s why we navigate these changes by working with our members ...

Healthcare Professionals

CAPU understands the role front line healthcare professionals play in ensuring our loved ones receive the best care. That’s why ...

Office Professionals

CAPU understands the important work administrative professionals provide to keep organizations moving. That’s why we advocate administrative professionals.