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Canadian Allied Professionals Union

We advocate for fair wages, safe workplaces and better working conditions. Contact us to learn how we can help your workplace. Contact Us

Office Professionals

CAPU understands the important work administrative professionals provide to keep organizations moving. That’s why we advocate administrative professionals.

Healthcare Professionals

CAPU understands the role front line healthcare professionals play in ensuring our loved ones receive the best care. That’s why we make recognition of the value of their work a priority.

Manufacturing Professionals

CAPU understands the changing nature of the manufacturing sector. That’s why we navigate these changes by working with our members towards achieving better job security and better and safer working conditions.

Fair Wages

We advocate so that every worker receives fair value for their work.

Health and Safety

We believe every worker has the right to come home safely after a hard days work.

Workers Rights

We believe in protecting and advancing the rights of workers across Ontario.

About CAPU

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At the Canadian Allied Professionals Union, we believe that every professional deserves fair wages, dignity, opportunity, respect, equality, and security in their workplace.

We are a growing trade union with decades of experience helping professionals from a wide variety of industries achieve better working conditions. Our strength is our ability to unite professionals to achieve improvements through collective action and unity.
We don’t just work for our members, we work with our members.

As a member driven union for all working professionals we are committed to providing a collective voice to professionals in Security Services, Building Services, Healthcare & Homecare, Office, Manufacturing, Homecare and many more. At the Canadian Allied Professionals Union, every worker is a professional.

CAPU a Union for All Workers
Committed to the Safety and Protection of Workers

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Canadian Allied Professionals Union, a member driven union for all working professionals.

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